Broadcast Technology Consulting

Experience in broadcasting IT & technologies

COBIT Solutions provides consulting services in Broadcasting technology and workflow sphere. These services include:

• CAPEX review & optimization of broadcast technical projects.

• Post-Production Workflows Analysis, Audit for future OPEX and payroll cost optimization.

• Traffic, program planning and Playout workflows analysis, audit for future OPEX and payroll cost optimization.

• Broadcasting IT OPEX review and cost optimization.

• Creation and moderation of Vendor independent technical request for proposal (RFP) for future open bidding. Open bidding could lead to significant cost saving.

• Broadcast technology and IT audit with provision of optimization recommendations list.

• Broadcast Business Continuity Planning (BCP) compliance audit.

• Technical Strategy development for Broadcasting IT.

• Technical Strategy development for back-office & infrastructure IT.

• Development of solutions for automated local advertisement insertion in country regions for national or network broadcaster.

Other related audit and optimization services.