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Using the Power BI tools cutting-edge services, companies can unlock the full potential of their manufacturing operations and embrace the future of data-driven decision-making.

Implementing Power BI in a Retail Fashion Company

The fast-paced manufacturing realm demands to keep the leading place among the competitors. This requirement includes not only efficiency and quality of work but posibility of fast data-driven decisions in time and definitely.

The leading tool for the game players is manufacturing Power BI dashboard with its bunch of functions of real-time insights and processes optimization to help with vital business decisions.

Вступ: короткий опис кейсу та його результатів

The Power Business Intelligence system is a modern and very flexible solution for different industries. It is a Microsoft product meant to translate datasets into visual, interactive insights. Live reports and custom dashboards that show real-time information became the vital element for the company management and meeting the strategic planning.

New reporting management systems tools provide predictive insights and following set goals, help operations managers to monitor productivity KPIs, sales managers to track team performance, and executives to see high-level metrics and gain a holistic view of the company.

The interactive analytical services are highly effective due to the cloud based solution via the Internet in any point of the world. Business Intelligence in manufacturing can be created customly and adjusted for specific business analytics.


Опис компанії-клієнта

Manufacturing companies generate an enormous amount of data throughout their operations. However, without proper analysis and interpretation, this data remains untapped potential.

Enter data analytics for manufacturing — a game-changer that empowers businesses to harness actionable insights from complex datasets.



Take advantage of interactive analytical techniques to unlock patterns, find bottlenecks of processes, manage the work, and adjust overall performance with Power BI.

Here are the items Business Intelligence for manufacturing  can improve:

1. Working time of decision makers

The personnel can work freely and continue the daily processes until they need the business intelligence in manufacturing reports for the decisions.

2. Production Scheduling

All you need to analyze and understand the level of efficiency of the jobs all around your enterprise  to reduce bottlenecks. 

3. Inventory Control

As the name states you can effectively track inventory and avoid the shortages of stocks, parts, production interruptions and works stops.

4. Management of Supply connection

Take advantage of evaluating supplier performance for better prices, deliveries, and quality standards.

5. Financial Management

Provides budgeting  of the production processes, sales, and fulfillment, financial figures to make the  forecasting or planning.

6. Cost Management

Gives possibility to analyze information across multiple departments to set regulate the expenses, goals and profitability.




The first step any company should pass for the business intelligence manufacturing dashboard creation is to choose the most important data for each report. Mostly each decision maker needs some specific key metrics of the company activity.

Among others they may be revenue, operational profit, calculation of sales, gross profit, financial incomes and expenses, etc.



Dashboards show your important financial metrics updated for each time you open your laptop or mobile phone. The current assets of the company or accounts receivable and payable, stocks, money leftovers, etc are available from any point in the world due to the Microsoft Power BI cloud based technology.

working capital manufacturing dashboard

All you need is just the Internet for production dashboard Power BI report. Power BI service guarantees data security (2FA authentication) and confidentiality.

Developing the business becomes more comfortable when you regulate the workflows according to the fast reports with interactive business intelligence in manufacturing.

Відгук клієнта

Using business intelligence manufacturing dashboards our clients increase financial control and additionally raise their number of sales. To tell the truth, business intelligence are for all types of businesses. Our clients can track the sales, gross profit, financial incomes and expenses to get the net profit and many other metrics. Moreover the first month of BI implementation results in 25-30% sales growth. 

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Get in Touch with Us

To order Power BI dashboards you can fill the form on our website and client managers will connect with you for the details.

After the project starts you may get the first result over 1-1,5 months. Business intelligence in manufacturing is comfortable for usage as you can see interactive reports any time and time saving for the vital decisions of directors and other decision makers.

Dashboards don’t demand time for calculation because they show the analytical reports refreshed and ready. Just use the data when you need your Key Performance Indicators for effective management of the business

Manufacturing production reports are easy to understand because they are tailored to clients’ needs and design. Each of the department heads will get the necessary data for work and vital KPIs for the company’s success.

Developing the business becomes more comfortable when you regulate the workflows according to the fast reports with interactive analytics.

Dashboards creation

Whether you are implementing a new BI tool or building an entire system from scratch, Cobit Solutions team can help you meet your business intelligence needs. Our seasoned professionals will provide you with an effective BI system to make your business succeed. Power BI developing services can be used on a monthly or hourly basis, with subscription of fixed-price. You can leave the offer query for our specialist to connect with you. Let’s discuss your objective. It will cost you 40 minutes of online-meeting.

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