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Transforming Dobrobut’s Operations with Power BI and Business Analysis

Healthcare businesses can get the most out of their operations and move into the future of data-driven decision-making by using Power BI’s innovative tools and services.


Implementing Power BI in IT Company


Dobrobut, the largest private clinic network in Kyiv and its surrounding region, including their own emergency services, has seen significant growth. At first, they were looking for simple Power BI dashboards for BSC (Balanced Score Cards) to keep track of the number of visits, main clients, and services offered. However, the project turned into a full interactive analytics solution that included dashboards for financial reporting (PNL), revenue reporting, and forecasting that was tailored to their methodology. These Power BI dashboards have become essential tools for all operational directors. They are now used in weekly meetings to drive business processes and make them more efficient.


The Dobrobut Medical Network is the first network of private medical facilities in Ukraine that was established with the purpose of working on modern standards of excellence in grant medicare.

Challenges and Solutions

As a result of Dobrobut’s rapid expansion, the company needed to make the shift from primary analytics to more sophisticated, interactive financial reporting and operational dashboards that were created with Power BI. The initial obstacle that needed to be overcome was the creation of fundamental dashboards for monitoring important performance indicators. During the project, it became clear that there was a requirement for more comprehensive and interactive analytics. These analytics would include dashboards for monitoring expenses related to utilities, investments in capital, balance sheets, analysis of emergency services, and feedback from customers.

Initially, we began with fundamental analytics in Power BI, which rapidly proved to be extremely helpful and became a vital part of our weekly planning sessions. As the requirements of Dobrobut increased, we produced specialised Power BI dashboards for a variety of areas of their business, including the following:

  • Utility Expenses: Detailed tracking of departmental utility costs.
  • Capital Investments: Dashboards for monitoring major assets and equipment.
  • Balance Sheets: Comprehensive views of the clinic’s financial health.
  • Emergency Services: Analysis of emergency calls, including frequency and time-of-day patterns.
  • Customer Feedback: Eight dashboards displaying feedback from clients on specific services, providing a clear overall picture.

Working closely with Dobrobut, our team of business analysts with varying specialisations proposed and implemented additional data types and directories. This knowledge synergy guaranteed that the solutions offered were not only strong technically but also matched Dobrobut’s business requirements.

Thanks to dashboards, we can also make a forecast of our financial indicators for a month, quarter or half a year and have the opportunity to compare the actual financial result with our predicted one – to understand the completeness of the reflection of expenses and income


The implementation of interactive analytics with Power BI transformed Dobrobut’s business processes, shifting the focus of specialists to monitoring and control functions, reducing manual work, and enhancing daily oversight. Key outcomes included:

  • Operational Efficiency: Significant improvements in business processes, with specialists now focusing on control rather than manual tasks.
  • Financial Control: Detailed Power BI dashboards for financial reporting and forecasting, now essential tools for operational directors.
  • Customer Insights: Comprehensive feedback dashboards, aiding in service improvement and client satisfaction.
  • Scalability: As the number of clinics grew, the financial department’s focus shifted to control functions, eliminating the need for staff expansion.

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