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Store Perfomance Dashboard for the financial control of business

Store performance dashboard visualizes top-selling items and forecasts the vital stock inventory dat🔝Empower your company for half price BI implementation services!

Retail Stores include a huge amount of items to offer for sales and to request for the orders. Their performance demands qualitative workflows tracking and implementing instruments aimed at increasing sales and the number of orders.

To audit the current situation, avoid the shortages and suggest solutions, store performance dashboards track retail metrics providing overview of sales.

What is a Store Performance Dashboard?

Its advantages are your assurance in sales increasing, strategic goals following and reports forecasting nevertheless the geographic locations, weather, social media hype etc.

The dashboard owners can avoid hard times with out-of-stock products and supplies and overstock for managers to manage the workflows wisely. Retail store performance dashboard monitors top-selling items and forecasts the vital stock inventory data.

Track all the KPIs and stocks, items for orders placed and get detailed store-wise revenue analysis. Adopt the best possibilities of decisions concerning future investments, store plans, higher profit categories despite less sales volume.


The metrics in Store performance dashboard may include:

All the insights from this Power BI solution are crucial for the decision-makers. Basket metrics tracking provides the improvements due to up-selling and cross-selling, and adds insights concerning the pricing strategy.


Net sales is vital for assessing the performance of a store and its financial health.

We develop interactive dashboards and consolidate data from any IT system into comprehensible dashboards provisions for 24/7 access to the data from any device.

What does the Store performance dashboard show and what is it for?

The purpose of the retail store performance dashboard is to visualize the most relevant information in metrics to keep track of sales happening and how business achieves its strategic goals. To choose the most effective KPIs for marketing reports the heads and personnel have to study their effectiveness and sieve the most vital.

This instrument is aimed at increasing sales and the number of orders. It audits the current situation, and suggests solutions. Managers can see the better product category, profit, net sales, the proportion of buyers over visitors and other vital metrics for each branch, product, manager, etc.

It gives you a concise view of results-based reports which can reflect metrics by periods, in the regions, branches, KPIs, sales growth, and so on. Main dimensions could be:

General types of analyzes are not just the fact, but comparison of fact and last year, fact and plan, fact and last month, fact and deviations.

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What are the target roles and dashboard users?

Generally all the key persons of the company need to track and provide financial control of business workflow. Store performance dashboard target roles and users positions in the organization are:

Store Performance Dashboard Demo

In business, every delay in making decisions and in finding failures in operations costs a pretty penny. Interactive reporting is about graphs and diagrams that can show you at once where the problem is” – says says Dmytro Chashnyk, CEO of Cobit Solutions, Expert in IT with 19 years of experience, 10 years on CIO/CTO positions.

Other types of store performance dashboard:


Power BI, ETL, DWH Development:



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