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Alpha Serve Increases Revenue with Power BI by Cobit Solutions

IT businesses can get the most out of their operations and move into the future of data-driven decision-making by using Power BI’s innovative tools and services.


Implementing Power BI in IT Company


Alpha Serve, a company at the forefront of creating software solutions aimed to harness the power of data from Jira, a project management tool, more effectively. Their objective was to boost revenue and expand their customer base by providing insightful data analysis.

The developed perfectly looking Bl templates allow our clients to quickly build their first report in Power Bl and include the most relevant KPIs for reports.


Alpha Serve, a leading software solutions company, leveraged Power BI analytics to enhance data utilization from Jira, a project management tool. This initiative aimed to increase revenue and expand their customer base through insightful data analysis.

Challenges and Solutions

The primary challenge was to create a series of preconfigured Power BI dashboards or templates tailored for Jira, enabling direct interaction with data for analytical reporting, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other critical metrics. The clients would be glad to get a non code easy tool for the Power BI analytics this way.

In response, Cobit Solutions embarked on a three-year collaboration with Alpha Serve, during which their developers designed and developed a suite of Jira templates, including:

  •  Jira Cost Tracker Report
  •  Jira Project Dashboard
  •  Jira Timework Report
  •  Jira Sprint Dashboard
  •  Jira Sprint Time Report
  •  Jira Service Management Dashboard
  •  Jira ITSM Issues Created Report
  •  Cumulative Flow Diagram

These reports provided essential tools for enhancing operational efficiency, including labor productivity analysis and mechanisms for boosting and rewarding productivity. Using modern BI analytics helps to boost sales and raise the efficiency of business processes, so Alpha Serve and its clients got the mutual benefit.


1. Increased Revenue: Through the insightful analysis provided by the Power BI dashboards, Alpha Serve could identify inefficiencies in project costs, timelines, and resource allocation. This led to better pricing strategies and improved profit margins.

2. Client Growth: The clarity and depth of insights offered by the dashboards not only deepened relationships with existing clients but also attracted new ones seeking similar analytical capabilities. This transparency in project management became a key selling point.

3. Distinctive Market Position: By integrating advanced analytics into their offerings, Alpha Serve set themselves apart in a competitive landscape, showcasing their dedication to leveraging technology for enhanced business intelligence.

4. Enhanced Efficiency: Automating the process of data analysis and reporting with these dashboards significantly reduced the manual effort required, allowing the team to focus more on strategic activities and client interaction, which in turn facilitated company growth.


Feedback and Results

User feedback highlights the ease of use and comprehensive data access provided by these applications, emphasizing their effectiveness in integrating with Alpha Serve’s data models. Cobit Solutions Power BI templates are highly adaptable and designed for seamless, code-free integration, ensuring straightforward report generation for users.
working capital manufacturing dashboard
Clients lauded the Power BI dashboards for their ability to simplify complex data, transforming decision-making processes. The dashboards led to more informed decisions, increasing productivity and profitability across the board.


Alpha Serve’s strategic deployment of Power BI dashboards demonstrates the profound impact of utilizing technology to simplify complex data analytics. This initiative, developed in partnership with Cobit Solutions, not only spurred growth and client satisfaction but also underscored the importance of accessible, sophisticated data analysis for businesses of all sizes.

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After the project starts you may get the first result over 1-1,5 months. Business intelligence in manufacturing is comfortable for usage as you can see interactive reports any time and time saving for the vital decisions of directors and other decision makers.

Dashboards don’t demand time for calculation because they show the analytical reports refreshed and ready. Just use the data when you need your Key Performance Indicators for effective management of the business

Manufacturing production reports are easy to understand because they are tailored to clients’ needs and design. Each of the department heads will get the necessary data for work and vital KPIs for the company’s success.


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Developing the business becomes more comfortable when you regulate the workflows according to the fast reports with interactive analytics.

Dashboards creation

Whether you are implementing a new BI tool or building an entire system from scratch, Cobit Solutions team can help you meet your business intelligence needs. Our seasoned professionals will provide you with an effective BI system to make your business succeed. Power BI developing services can be used on a monthly or hourly basis, with subscription of fixed-price. You can leave the offer query for our specialist to connect with you. Let’s discuss your objective. It will cost you 40 minutes of online-meeting.

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