Why to choose us?

Why do we offer our professional services to You?

Up-to-date knowledge

The field of IT is developing dynamically, which means a continuous challenge for IT specialists.  The up-to-date knowledge of our staff, their diverse professional qualifications and the number of hours spent on the job, guarantee high standards and reliability of the systems we operate.

All employees of our company strive to ensure that the IT systems operating at our clients are effective components of their business success.   We guarantee this through continuous development of our services and through the ongoing training of our system administrators.

Outsourcing – increased efficiency and reliability 

Today, internal corporate needs drive the companies to outsource work processes that do not form part of their core activities, but require complex and fast changing IT skills.  Such outsourcing allows companies to better focus on their core activity.

We can help to reduce the costs 

Today, no successful company can exist without advanced IT solutions and IT support.  We believe that outsourced IT operation means more than a simple client-service provider relation, representing a confidential partnership between the parties and being an important cost-cutting measure at the same time.

Support in your IT projects:

 Within the framework of our service, our highly qualified engineers ensure that reliable systems serve your company’s needs both at the server, and at the client side. Additionally, with the help of select strategic partners, we can assist our customers in other IT-related areas, including:

  • Administration and support of various IT systems;

  • Supply of equipment, installation and maintenance services;

  • IT consulting;

  • Specific knowledge for media companies.

 Server and hel-desk operations:

Our highly qualified technical team ensures normal operations of your company’s servers and provide assistance to in-house helpdesk, if needed.

Why are we better than internal staff?

We are not hiding risks and do not sell you hidden solution.

Please see below a detailed comparison of inhouse and outstaffing models :

outstaffing prosinhouse pros (outstaffing risks)severity of risk for businesshow COBIT SOLUTIONS can solve this outstaffing risk
significant cost reduction (details)absolute control activities & workload of your staffSEVERE1) our IT engineers provide you time-sheets in desired format, with desired accuracy & time scale
2) we provide screen-capture video of working process
3) You pay only for real work hours for hourly payment model
4) You or your IT security officer can have a review of our administrator's work
no need to worry about workspaceyou can personally check engineer's skills while hiring processSEVEREour team members can go through any knowledge check that could be held by You remotely
You do not pay for staff's sick-days, vacation, etc.businees critical applications support and business-critical data accessibilitySEVERE1) you can have inhouse primary or secondary service administrator for business-criticall IT-services
2) we are ready to work back-to-back with you IT-engineers
3) we can install & provide to you control over logging facility for control of systems administrator's actions by your IT-security principals
You can hire top-qualified IT engineers for required period or specific tasks / projectssecurity and non disclosureMODERATEwe are ready to sign NDA provided by your companywe are ready to provide you home adress & cell phones for full-time employment IT administrators
You can hire an IT engineer deeply specialized in a specific sector for a particular short-term taskyou personally chose concrete persons on interviewMODERATE1) you can have one-time person-change option for free if working in full-time employment model and in Gold hourly based model
2) you can ask our project manager to provide you different IT administrator for next time hourly based order
due to variety of customers’ needs, outstaff provider has much wider list of team skills compared to inhouse IT administratorEase of communication with other IT-team membersLOW1) we use web-based collaboration tools and ready to provide you with access
2) we use ticketing system - no request is forgotten
3) our system administrators are able to discuss technical details with you in English via skype, voice, video-conferencing, cell-phone
4) our system administrators are ready to use any collaboration system provided by your company
You can change engineer whenever you want
no need to spend costs on head-hunting & personnel hire
no need to hire second IT administrator to provide backup for main service administrator while vacation or new personnel hire
we are ready to provide you 24x7 support in hourly based tarif plans
project manager from our side is included in cost