Frequently asked questions


Why goto to outsource instead inhouse?

Outstaffing gives you significant IT payroll economy. Inhouse Unix administrator's annual salary in US varies from USD 120.000 to USD 150.000 + TAXES + other personnel expenses. With COBIT solutions you spend less than USD 50.000 a year.


Why COBIT solutions?

SLA, BCP, DRP are not just words for us. We do know how enterprise IT is organized and what business really wants from IT. We have experience with large IT infrastructure and we know how to build reliable and cost-effective IT systems that fulfill business needs.


Contract & payments

You pay after the job is done We use post-payment model.
We sign contracts with you that regulate security, non-disclosure, payment & other important for business conditions.


Is it safe? is there are any risks in Ukraine?

Ukraine is among top players in IT development now. Competition between the IT outsourcing centers in Europe makes the local specialists keep up to the best world IT standards and business practices.

Currently there are over 2,000 software development companies operating in Ukraine. Only a few specialize in system administration, IT outsourcing and IT outstaffing of large enterprise solutions.

Major advantages of Ukrainian IT market compared to other world markets, when we are talking about IT outstaffing and IT outsourcing, are high standards of education, low rates and cultural proximity to the European and US mentality.


How working communication is done?

We use modern teleconference services and online colaborative work tools for communications with customers.

All of the tasks, bugs, problems, changes & details are logged in ticketing system. We use Redmine for ticketing, and we are ready to provide access to all the details according your company's IT tasks solved by our engineers.