Remote Windows Administration

Avoid tedious and costly payroll, tax, and training issues. Hire our experts to work directly for you.

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Expert Solutions

From standalone server to enterprise level cluster systems, individual customer approach.

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9 x 5 support

12 hours reaction time



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9 x 5 support

1 hour reaction time



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24 x 7 x 365 support

15 minutes reaction time

IT Solutions


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9 x 5 support

Installation & Configuration

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Full-time employment IT systems administrators remote outstaffing (Unix or Windows)

Outsource system's support, IT services installation & configuration

IT & Broadcast IT consulting

Overall Experience

10+ years in system administration

Large IT infrastructures management with 1,5k+ workstations, 2+ PB of storages, 100+ switches

Strong troubleshooting skills

Microsoft business environment with supporting services

IT systems for TV broadcasting, post-production, media, VoD, streaming

Install, configure & support following IT systems, software & technologies