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Empowering Technomart with Power BI and Business Analysis

Diverse Businesses can get the most out of their operations and move into the future of data-driven decision-making by using Power BI’s innovative tools and services.



We began collaborating with Technomart before the war when they asked us to create statistics for their business that lets people pay over time. It is possible for stores and businesses in Uzbekistan to give payment plans of some kind. Technomart has two types of business: retail sales and payments over time. At first, they needed a monitor for the business that took payments over time. After that, they came back to us with a more detailed request for financial dashboards that would include retail, installment payments, and a dashboard for the whole business.


Technomart is a diverse company that does a lot of different things. For example, they sell things in stores and help people make payments over time. With the help of advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tools and Power BI implementation, they wanted to improve their financial reporting and the efficiency of their operations.

Challenges and Solutions

During the evaluation  phase, we found that Technomart relied on a lot of manual tasks. They had to make their work easier and make sure their reports were correct. The goal was to make interactive financial dashboards that could show them what was going on with their retail and installment payment businesses in real time and also show how the company’s finances were doing overall.


We began by developing the first Power BI dashboard for the installment payment business. This initial success led Technomart to request more comprehensive financial dashboards for their entire operations. Our specialized team in business analysis provided recommendations for improving their reporting processes and prepared a project plan for interactive analytics.

The key solutions included:

  • Consolidated Financial Reporting: We recalculated consolidated financials, allowing Technomart to see the actual gross profit across all product categories at the group level.
  • Accounts Receivable Dashboard: Delivered before the war, this dashboard provided real-time insights into receivables.
  • Full Financial Reporting: Over the course of a year, we developed a comprehensive financial reporting system, completed by January 2023.
  • Error Correction in 1C System: During development, we identified and corrected numerous errors in their 1C system, significantly improving their financial reporting.

Despite initial challenges with slow report loading times, we swiftly addressed these issues, ensuring that their reports loaded quickly and efficiently. We also developed a unified methodology for data calculations, enabling Technomart to see results for both retail sales and installment payments.


The implementation of Power BI and our comprehensive business analysis transformed Technomart’s operations. Key outcomes included:

  • Operational Efficiency: Significant reduction in manual processes and improved accuracy in financial reporting.
  • Real-Time Financial Insights: Daily updated analytics providing real-time visibility into both retail and installment payment performance.
  • Cost Savings with Power BI: By choosing Power BI over a consolidated 1C implementation, Technomart saved considerable time and resources. An alternative 1C implementation would have taken at least three years, whereas our solution provided consolidated reporting much faster.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Improved system of record-keeping and the ability to see consolidated metrics without additional effort.

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