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Enhancing DonbasEnergo’s Operations with Power BI Solutions and Business Intelligence Consulting

Diverse Businesses can get the most out of their operations and move into the future of data-driven decision-making by using Power BI’s innovative tools and services.



DonbasEnergo, a brand with nearly a century of history, is an energy-generating company that successfully integrates innovative solutions into traditional production. In 2020, we embarked on a project to develop comprehensive Power BI dashboards for the C-level executives of DonbasEnergo, focusing on key energy metrics and market analysis.


DonbasEnergo is committed to sustainable practices, adhering to policies that prioritize environmental protection and stakeholder engagement. The company aims to reduce emissions, waste, and environmental resource consumption through preventive actions and employee involvement. Once one of the largest power stations in the 1990s, DonbasEnergo continues to be a major player in the energy sector.

Challenges and Solutions

DonbasEnergo needed advanced analytics to manage its diverse operations effectively. The challenge was to create custom dashboards that could provide real-time insights into energy metrics, market conditions, fuel usage, and financial performance. The goal was to enable the company’s leadership to make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive data analysis. Additionally, they needed a solution to quickly and accurately determine the actual cost of energy production, which was previously only known with a two-month delay.

Our team developed a series of Power BI dashboards tailored to DonbasEnergo’s needs:

  • Energy Metrics Dashboard: This dashboard combined various energy indicators, providing a comprehensive view of the company’s performance. We created scrapers to study the external market, allowing DonbasEnergo to compare its performance with market conditions. This enabled the company to align its strategies with market trends and optimize its operations.
  • Market Segment Analysis: This dashboard displayed the effective tariff, sales volume, and market segment analysis. It included data on purchases and sales, showing how the company’s performance aligned with different market segments. This helped DonbasEnergo identify the most profitable segments and adjust their pricing strategies accordingly.
  • Fuel Analytics Dashboard: This critical dashboard tracked daily, monthly, and yearly fuel consumption and procurement. It provided insights into the balance of different fuel types (e.g., fuel oil, coal), storage capacity, and how these metrics aligned with the company’s plans. By understanding fuel dynamics, DonbasEnergo could better manage its fuel inventory and reduce costs.
  • P&L Dashboard: This dashboard analyzed profit and loss, comparing actual performance with plans, budgets, and forecasts. It calculated the effective tariff, margin levels, fixed costs, and visualized sales dynamics. It also showed how revenue, margin, and net profitability evolved over time, correlating with fuel costs. This comprehensive financial overview allowed the company to make strategic decisions swiftly.

To support market data analysis, we created a parser to gather market data and built a new database. This allowed DonbasEnergo to see real-time cost estimates and replace forecasted costs with actual costs as they became available. Previously, the company could only see the actual cost of energy production with a two-month delay. With our solution, they now have immediate access to current cost data, enabling more agile decision-making.

Given the complexity of DonbasEnergo’s business processes, we established a transit database for Power BI analytics. This involved designing a database architecture that could handle data from their transactional system, ensuring accurate and efficient data visualization. The transit database acted as an intermediary, collecting and processing data before it was visualized in Power BI, ensuring that the analytics were both timely and accurate.


Demo Cash Flow Dashboard:


Operational Efficiency
  • Significant reduction in manual processes and improved accuracy in financial reporting.
Real-Time Analytics
  • Daily updated analytics providing real-time visibility into energy metrics, market conditions, and fuel usage.
Faster Cost Determination
  • The ability to see real-time cost estimates and replace them with actual costs as soon as they are available, significantly reducing the time lag from two months to real-time.

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